in the Atmosphere of the
Inspired by Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing),
a Nature and Forest Therapy walk invites you towards a greater sense of wellness,
a deeper connection with Nature,
and insight into your own inner wisdom.
Discover the Wonder of a Nature and Forest Therapy Walk​​
Awakening your Senses
    Quieting  the Mind
 Opening  to Your
Highest Potential

Human beings evolved primarily in natural settings, and only within the last several generations have we become more disconnected from the natural world. Concurrently, we have also seen a rise in physical, mental, and emotional diseases related to stress and depression, as well as issues within our relationships and our communities.

By taking time away from many of the stress-inducing elements in your life, and allowing yourself to be gently guided for a few hours to (re)connect with the natural world, you will be honoring yourself, and in turn, those who depend upon you. Nature helps us remember who we are, connecting us to the wisdom deep within ourselves.

Why do I need a Guide to benefit from Nature?
Honestly, almost anyone can improve their sense of well being by just spending more time in a natural setting.  Many of us participate in nature for exercise, enjoyment, or enrichment.  We camp.  We hike and engage in nature walks.  We spend hours floating on the lake. Yet, do these activities truly connect us to Nature in a way where we feel we’re shifting our perception and perspective?  Where it seems that we’re seeing something with a new set of eyes?

Nature and Forest Therapy Guides help you go deeper.

A certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide has been trained in the art of invitations specifically designed to gently guide you to open to your senses, yourself and your surroundings.  More akin to one who guides yoga or meditation than to a fitness coach or naturalist, a trained guide continually seeks a personal connection to Nature’s wisdom. We know the land we guide on in order to comfortably and safely help you engage at a pace and a presence that can provide a sense of wellbeing for body, mind and soul.  We’re able to keep track of those things that might otherwise distract you, to allow you to move more deeply into what we call liminal space - that threshold where you’re more open to receive the therapy of the forest and the wonder of the natural world.

Joan Vorderbruggen
Certified* Nature and Forest Therapy Guide
​Bircheart Shinrin-Yoku

Certification through the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, a world-wide training and certification program:

Certification in Wilderness First Aid through NOLS